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Welcome to the Company Co.® Family!

This quick guide to the Company Co.® Company Policy Handbook will help you navigate the day to day “Whirlwind of Work”™ that can “Impact your Actionable Levers”™!

All employees are required to read and memorize the 438 pages of the Company Co.® Company Policy Handbook as per the guidelines set by the Reading and Memorizing the Company Co.® Company Policy Handbook policy in Section 39-B.2 of the Company Co.® Company Policy Handbook

We are excited to have you onboard here at Company Co.® to start your journey through the Corporate machine and on your way to your very own Corner Office at the top. With its own Helipad! The fact that you have been hired and transferred here to the Company Co.® Regional Headquarters means that you are already on your way up!

Please note, while the Company Co.® Regional Headquarters is currently located in what the National Guard, Armed Forces, CDC, WHO, FEMA, and UN, have all declared a State of Emergency Zone and/or Disaster Area, your performance as a Company Co.® Action-eer™ is still expected to meet requirements of your Job Perimeters. Poor performance metrics due to tardiness, illness, family tragedy, immolation, possession by an extra dimensional being, or premature death, will result in escalating Coaching Opportunities as per the guidelines set by the Meeting the Requirements of your Job Perimeters policy in Section 53-GG.4 of the Company Co.® Company Policy Handbook.

If you are currently the Head of H.R. (GM), the Supplemental Handbook for H.R. has been provided to help you manage your Workday and that of your team of Action-eers™.

Please read and answer the the interview questions carefully:

Failure to do so will result in immediate termination and a forceful security escort off of the company premises as per the guidelines set by the Reading and Answering the Interview Questions Carefully policy in Section 12-F.11of the Company Co.® Company Policy Handbook

Choose your Role here at Company Co.®
In addition to the bonus (+1 to rolls) to your Skill Set granted by your chosen Role, you must also choose a Skill that is a weakness (-1 to rolls).
Interns follow different guidelines as they are technically not vested Action-eers™

When faced with a Challenge, your “Team of Action-eers”™ will overcome or fail the Challenge by making Skill Set checks that determine the outcome of your actions. The “Expected Performance” of each challenge will be set by HR (the GM). HR may also impose a Scale Up bonus or apply a Scale Down penalty to move the result of the Skill Set roll up one tier or down one tier, depending on the situation at hand.
These Challenges will be determined by rolling a D6 and adding or subtracting your various Skill Set modifiers. Performance Review results are determined as follows:

(-1-2) Unsatisfactory, Requires Improvement
-Complete Failure and something bad happens to/for the Action-eers™

(3-4) Satisfactory
-Success, but an additional Challenge or task may added as determined by HR

(5-8) Exceeds Expectations
-Complete Success and the Action-eers™ gain a boon as determined by HR

Unfortunately, Physical Conflict Resolution in the Workplace is sometimes a necessary tool to help maintain a healthy Company Co.® Family. All Action-eers™ are required to report any Physical Conflicts to their direct supervisor after they have been “resolved”.

Don’t forget! You can always perform a Risk Assessment to spend an Investment Portfolio Asset to Scale Up your Skill Set check by one tier.

In addition to your Role, and Skill Set, each Action-eer™ is required to create Personal Action Item to achieve during your tenure here at Company Co.® Regional Headquarters. Taking steps to do so will grant an additional boons during your Workday as determined by HR.

At the start of the Workday choose your Role and Skill Set modifier, create your Personal Action Item, and roll 2D6 for your Investment Portfolio. If your task(s) flow into the next day, you may choose to change career paths for the day. Whether you change Roles or not, each new Workday requires a new Investment Portfolio roll. Please make sure that you have your Personal Belongings accounted for before leaving your work area.

You can also follow the Quick Hiring of a New Team Member process to streamline your onboarding!

Again, welcome to the Company Co.® family Action-eer™! While you all may be easily replaceable, we can’t wait to watch you claw your way to the top!

Corner Office is a rules light 1-shot format.
The Main Objective is set by HR (the GM) for each game and can range from the mundane coffee run to high level corporate take overs. However, in order to achieve the Main Objective, your Team of Action-eers™ must do so during a natural disaster/apocalypse/catastrophic event. With cell service down, and the exits blocked by security due to the outside calamity, you must achieve your Main objective to get that promotion to the top- and to the door to the helipad! At the start of each game, each player creates a Personal Goal to achieve during game play. Whether that’s the Intern mustering up the courage to ask out their love interest in I.T., or perfecting the ultimate cover letter, any steps taken during play will gain the player a bonus to rolls, boons, or resources as determined by the GM.
As you navigate the office, you will find that the rest of the company and it’s employees are hard at work. It seems that they are either too brainwashed to realize what’s happening around them, or they also know the only way OUT is UP…

Visit the Company Co.® Gift Sop to download the Company Co.® Company Policy Handbook for your Home Office today! Online and physical copies available, Company Co.® Jingles, and even a Condolence Memo for H.R. to fill out and send or give out when an Action-eer™ is lost!

Corner Office is a satirical work of art and table top roleplaying game. All trademarks, I.P. claims, or other copyrite notations IN GAME are purely fictional and make no legitimate claim against any current and legal copyrites.

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