Investment Portfolio

It is important that all the Action-eers™ in the Company Co.® Family remain happy and healthy! Your Investment Portfolio may grow or shrink depending on your successes and failures throughout your Workday, but rest assured that we here at Company Co.® are committed to making sure that if you fail and/or perish, another Action-eer™ will be ready to step in and take your place!

At the start of each Workday, roll 2D6 to determine your Investment Portfolio. This score not only determines how much assets (vitality) you have, but can also be used for Risk Assessments. Beware! Sometimes it is not only Physical Conflict Resolution in the Workplace that can cause a loss of assets! Social situations that go poorly may also impact your portfolio negatively. Navigate your office carefully Action-eers™!

If at any point your Portfolio runs dry, you either perish or are fired. Out of a cannon. Into the apocalypse/natural disaster, as per the guidelines set by the Empty Portfolio Requires the Firing of a Non Expired Action-eer™ policy in Section 94-L.41 of the Company Co.® Company Policy Handbook

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Investment Portfolio

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