Quick Hiring of a New Team Member

Sometimes you will need to augment your team with a new Action-eer™ in a hurry! Follow these guidelines for a quick hiring process!

Roll 1d6 for your Role

1- Middle Management ( +1 Charm )
2- Office Drone ( +1 Work Ethic )
3- Administrative Assistant ( +1 Connections )
4- I.T. ( +1 Smarts )
5- Maintenance ( +1 Strength )
6- Intern ( +2 to one skill, -2 to one skill. Do not roll on the weakness table )

Roll 1d6 for your Skill Set weakness

1- Strength
2- Smarts
3- Charm
4- Work Ethic
5- Connections
6- Your Choice or Roll again
If you roll the weakness that your Roles grants a bonus to, treat the roll as a 6

Personal Action Item

1- Asking out a love interest/ Avoiding an infatuated coworker
2- Finding your Stapler
3- Jockeying for the perfect parking spot
4- Getting your vacation time approved last minute
5- Finding out who has been eating your lunch from the fridge
6- Your choice or roll again

Roll your 1D6 twice for your Investment Portfolio

And you’re ready to tackle a new Workday Action-eer™!

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Quick Hiring of a New Team Member

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