Skill Set

What would you say is your greatest strength that would make you an asset to the team here at Company Co®? Greatest Weakness?

The bullet points below are just some examples of how your strengths or weaknesses in your Role may impact your Workday or fellow Action-eers™


- Manual laborer
- Champion of Company Intramural Sports
- The Office Health/Workout Nut
- Office Germaphobe
- Constantly Sick with something


- Systems/Technology Knowledge
- Policy Memorization
- Keeping your Head Down
- You’re not Paid to Think


- Customer Relations
- Motivational
- Slipping through the Cracks
- Ass Kissing
- Lying
- Managerial Intimidation

Work Ethic

- Nose to the Grindstone
- The Problem Solver
- Delegate/ Offload
- Procrastination


- Good References
- Previous Experience
- Nepotism
- Dirty Little Secret

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Skill Set

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