Supplemental Handbook for HR

As the Head of H.R., we here at Company Co.® understand that your Workday can be hectic! In response to the large numbers of morale decrease, separations from the Company Co.® , and self terminations, recurring for Action-eers™ in your role, you have been provided with this Supplemental Handbook in order to make your goals more actionable!

Friendly Productivity Reminder
Company Co.® Friendly Productivity Reminder is a fantastic tool to help ensure your Action-eers™ are always moving toward executing their Main Objective. If at any time you notice your team is not being productive, send them the friendly chime to remind them that they have to move forward with their task.

Scaling and Rewards
Sometimes your Action-eers™ make decisions that were not part on the original itinerary! As H.R., you have the authority to grant additional Scaling up or down to rolls or harm depending on the situation. But make sure you are rewarding Creative Thinking! Adding assets to their Investment Portfolios, access to additional Personal Belongings, or anything else that can help in a dynamic workflow situation, will be an appreciated compensation.

Roles and Skills
Your Action-eers™ Roles and Skill Set will be the main driving force during the Workday. It is up to you to determine and interoperate what Roles or Skill Set check best fits any given situation.

Deciding the Challenge of the Workday
Sometimes it’s hard to tell what kind of Workday you have ahead of you! Use this handy chart to see what kind of challenges you will be guiding your Team of Action-eers™ through! Roll 1D6 to determine their Team Objective

1) Hellmouth

A portal to the realm of unimaginable horrors and monsters has been opened somewhere on the premises of the Company Co.® Regional Headquarters. Whether it was to find a wormhole for cheaper shipping options to and from overseas, or in an attempt to gain ultimate control over market share, rest assured that your Action-eers™ will have to stay alert to negative impacts on their Investment Portfolio

2) Zombies

While these shambling corpses and mutated super flesh eaters may resemble your fellow Action-eers™, they are no long team players! They are sure to bring down your productivity if they manage to corner you at the water cooler!

3) Aliens

While we here at Company Co.® are accepting of all peoples and their diverse backgrounds, these intruders have failed to meet with H.R. to discuss their full intentions. Please be cautious when interacting with them to ensure any possible business translations may still be accomplished. Also, please be aware that they are known to peel the flesh from bones and/or disintegrate Action-eers™ without prejudice.

4) Natural Disaster

This covers any disaster from a wild fire raging through the region, severe flooding and tidal waves, impending Ice Age Permafrost cold fronts, earthquakes, or any other disaster not caused by man. While the Company Co.® Regional Headquarters building is designed to withstand any of these calamities, Action-eers™ may find themselves having to cope with extra Stressors on their Actionable Levers during their Workday. Please note that it is not uncommon for the surviving civilian population in the surrounding area to try to force their way in or illegally try to steal company property. This is considered theft and damage to company property, and all Action-eers™ are instructed to act with extreme prejudice toward trespassers. They will not hesitate to do the same, as per the “Unscheduled Closing” of the Madrid Regional Headquarters in 2017

5) Restructuring

We here at Company Co.® recognize that sometimes in order to succeed, you have to break the mold! Therefore, it has been announced that a Restructuring is in order. All Action-eers™ must ensure that they are performing at their maximum capacity in order to avoid any Reduction in Force. During this time, Physical Conflicts Disciplinary guidelines will be suspended in order to drive healthy competition among Action-eers™. Go get that promotion!

6) Reconsider or Outsource

Sometimes making these choices can be tough! So this is your opportunity to either Roll your 1D6 again and take one of the other options, or come up with your own challenge! Alternately, you can Outsource the decision to any Action-eers™ who have an idea to challenge their team. This one is up to you H.R.

Navigating the Company Co.® Regional Headquarters
Below is Flowchart of the possible floors you may encounter as your traverse the Company Co.® Regional Headquarters. Roll 1D6 to determine the floor options, Then, either select one of the floors or roll your 1D6 again. The combinations, redundancies, or placements of the floors, may seem strange, but remember! Company Co.® always has a plan!

Table 1

1) Shipping and Receiving
2) Office Supplies
3) Accounting
4) R&D Domestic
5) Cubical Farm
6) Servers

Table 2

1) R&D International
2) Cafeteria
3) Wellness Center / Gym
4) Legal
5) Cubical Farm
6) Servers

Table 3

1) Security
2) Maintenance
3) Public Relations
4) Call Center
5) Cubical Farm
6) Servers

Table 4

1) Marketing Domestic
2) Marketing International
3) Upper Management
4) Parking Garage
5) Cubical Farm
6) Servers

Table 5

1) In House Training
2) Child Care
3) Conference Floor
4) House Keeping
5) Cubical Farm
6) Servers

Table 6

1) Company Co.® Lofts
2) Human Resources
3) I.T.
4) In House Printing
5) Cubical Farm
6) Servers

Supplemental Handbook for HR

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